Day 18

30 06 2008

Brunch: it may not look like it, but it was one of the best meals I have made in a long time.

Breakfast tacos with spinach, green onion, ham, egg and salsa. Roasted fingerling potatoes and cantaloupe on the side.


Dinner: chicken, asparagus, broccoli, carrots and penne in a spicy szechuan sauce. Again. The leftovers are almost gone.

And edamame as a late night snack after some tough games of shuffleboard


Day 17

29 06 2008

Breakfast: pb and b sandwich, and for variety, cut on a diagonal

Lunch: a 90th birthday party for the loveliest Sylvia Dane



grilled breast of chicken baked in a paper bag with a marinara blend, artichokes, black olives, grape tomatoes, and bay leaves

Too much chicken!

Dessert: Tiramisu

Dinner: Chicken, asparagus, beets with pesto penne

Dessert: cantaloupe, which, by the way, Ernie does not care for.

Day 16

28 06 2008

Breakfast: poached egg and muenster sandwich. Kinda mushy. Not so tasty.

Lunch: chicken, asparagus, broccoli and carrots with penne in a spicy szechuan sauce

Snack: two sugar plums I ate at Nick and Jessica’s

Dinner: Chicken with barbecue sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, beets and a salad

Day 15

27 06 2008

Breakfast: Kashi waffle, pb and honey

Lunch: another salad and steamed bun

Snack: dried pineapple

Dinner: I made a lot of chicken, asparagus and pesto penne

Day 14

26 06 2008

Breakfast: pb and b sandwich

Lunch: chicken, asparagus and pesto penne

Dinner: So similar, but strapped for time. Chicken, shredded broccoli and carrots with penne in a spicy szechuan sauce.

Late night snack: dried pineapple rings. Not the sugary kind, the leathery kind.

Day 13

25 06 2008

Breakfast: peanut butter and banana sandwich. Took a bite before I remembered to photograph.

Lunch: Salad with another steamed bun.

Snack: VEGGIE BOOTY. I can’t just say veggie booty, I have to yell VEGGIE BOOTY.

Dinner: grilled chicken and asparagus pesto penne

Oops, took too much – the leftovers

Day 12

24 06 2008

Oops! Forgot Breakfast

Lunch: salad and beef/veggie steamed bun

Snack: blueberry yogurt

Dinner: turkey/chipotle/apricot sausage, squash, onions and cucumber kim chi