Day 41

28 07 2008

Exercise: 45 minute bike ride

Kashi waffle, almond butter and honey

Taco al Pastor and stuffed shrimp


Roasted veggies and crab cake

Salad, before above. Just too lazy to move them around.


Day 40

28 07 2008

Exercise: 45 minute bike ride on bike path through state park forest

Kashi Waffle with almond butter and honey

Taco al pastor

Watermelon, duh.

The empty plate after the salad I forgot to photograph

Stuffed shrimp and baked potato


Day 39

28 07 2008

Exercise: 30 minutes of cardio

Pumpkin Bread at the Dog Park

Something and spinach sandwich while posting to blog before heading to the beach for the week.

Spinach, onion and goat cheese pizza from the Charleston Whole Foods

Tacos al Pastor, beans, rice


Technical Difficulty

20 07 2008

I am having issues uploading photos and I am trying to get out of town. I will deal with this later. I also don’t know how much internet access I will have during the next week, so I may not be posting.

Day 38

20 07 2008

Chicken, olive, feta sausage with onions sandwich

BBQ Sandwich with okra and herbed yogurt

Pot Stickers and salad

Leftover salad

Day 37

20 07 2008

Exercise: 1 hour cardio and strength

Mirgh Tikka and Spinach Sandwich

Sushi Dinner

Seaweed Salad split with Sean


Nanban Roll, Q-chan Roll, Unagi and Tamago – didn’t finish either roll or one piece of Tamago

Day 36

18 07 2008

Exercise: 45 minutes of spin and 15 abs

Kashi waffle and pb

Leftover bbq sandwich, okra, and herbed yogurt for dipping

Couldn’t finish the sandwich