Day 79

30 08 2008

Exercise: 1.5 hours cardio and strength

Tuna salad sandwich and VEGGIE BOOTY!

Leftover combo plate and salad


Day 78

29 08 2008

Exercise: 45 minutes spin, 15 minutes abs in the morning, dog walk in the evening: to Cayewah’s and around Daffin.

Almond butter and banana sandwich

Turkey, pickle and spinach sandwich

Edamame – forgot to shoot

Kafteri (spicy feta dip) and pita

1/2 a combo plate – dolmades, spanakopita, pastitsio, orzo and steamed veggies. Didn’t shoot the leftovers, but I ate all the veggies, and you will see the rest tomorrow.

A piece of bread with MORE kafteri

Day 77

29 08 2008

Exercise: 1 hour weed-wacking the backyard, which had not been cut once this year

Tuna Sandwich

one piece of ahi tuna encrusted with spices seared and served with teriyaki sauce

fried shrimp and french fries

Day 76

27 08 2008

Exercise: 45 minutes spin, 45 minute lawn-mowing

Almond butter banana sandwich

See good news, bad news post to explain why there are no more photos today.

Tuna salad sandwich

Penne with chicken and summer squash sauce

Day 75

27 08 2008

Exercise: 1 hour cardio and strength with trainer

A slice of light whole grain toast. (dog butt in background)

Steamed chicken and veggie dumplings and a salad.

Hard-boiled egg

Penne with chicken and awesome summer squash sauce.

100 calorie tapioca pudding pack.

Good news and bad news

27 08 2008

The good news is that I have lost 35 pounds. 25 since beginning this blog. This means I have been buying some new clothes. Clearance clothes. In fact, I bought a $10 skirt this weekend! With shallow pockets. That don’t hold a camera in place. That might fall onto the concrete. That might break it.

My $10 skirt cost me $250 in a new camera. So, I won’t have photos today.

Day 74

25 08 2008

Third day (and final day) of pigout. Tomorrow, I will return to normal portions of normal choices.

Exercise: 1 hour of cardio and strength

Turkey, spinach, olive sandwich, edamame and VEGGIE BOOTY!

I ate two handfuls of edamame on the beach (no camera,) but you can imagine what that looked like.

Chip with spinach dip

Second chip with spinach dip

Third dip with spinach dip. As you can tell, the light was getting bad, so I stopped taking photos, but I am embarrassed to say that I ate FIVE more of these. REGRETS!

Pork tenderloin, grilled okra, eggplant with goat cheese, and corn on the cob.

a second piece of corn on the cob

no-pudge brownie, mud pie ice cream