Day 110

30 09 2008

Exercise! One hour cardio and strength

Kashi waffle with almond butter and honey

Chicken and spinach parmesan penne

Turkey and pickle sandwich


Day 109

30 09 2008

Still no exercise, but cooked for 2 hours. That was hard work.

The sandwich marathon continues.

1/2 Atlanta Bread Company Tuna Sandwich

Grilled chicken sandwich

Day 108

30 09 2008

No exercise

Chicken and spinach parmesan penne

Plain turkey sandwich

Day 107

27 09 2008

30 minute dog walk

This was supposed to be some bland vietnamese food, maybe a bowl of pho. But, after waiting forever at a very busy Saigon Flavors, we gave up and decided to try the new vietnamese buffet. Mistake.

Spicy satay chicken and spicy coconut chicken with garlic rice

PS – This cost almost $14.

Day 106

27 09 2008

Exercise: 45 minutes of spin, 15 abs

Almond butter and banana sandwich

Chicken, spinach, parmesan penne

Day 105

25 09 2008

Slept better but not great.  Woke up in a fog, so still didn’t exercise.

But was able to at least eat something. Bland. Twice.

Leftover chicken sandwich

And a turkey sandwich. As I eat at my desk, the photos will likely be less attractive.

Day 104

24 09 2008

This honesty policy is really starting to embarrass me. For the first time in my entire life, something is happening to me that is not allowing me to sleep. As a result, I feel like hell, am not exercising or eating much. Yesterday I visited the doctor, got some short-term low-dosage sleeping aids to get me back on track.

I ate half this ham sandwich for lunch, half for dinner.