Day 140

30 10 2008

Exercise: 1 hour, 15 minute cardio and strength

Spinach, green onion, ham and egg breakfast taco


More pesto penne with peas and chicken

Dried pineapple


Day 139

29 10 2008

Exercise: 1 hour dog walk/jog

Steam bun and salad

Banana – ate half before I remembered to shoot it.

Granola bar

Pigged out at Vinnie’s for Emma’s birthday

Spinach salad

3 slices (albeit small ones) of onion, mushroom, green pepper pizza

And a homemade mint chocolate cupcake. Happy Birthday Emma!

Day 138

28 10 2008

Exercise: 1 hour, 10 minutes cardio and strength

Plain ham sandwich


Pesto penne with grilled chicken and peas

Dried pineapple

Day 137

27 10 2008

1 hour, 15 minutes cardio and strength, 1 hour cleaning house, 45 minute dog walk

Trying to finish the pasta with turkey, spinach, mushroom marinara

Steamed bun with salad

Day 136

26 10 2008

To those of you who know what I mean: I still can’t see the number 135 without going there.

Exercise: 45 minute dog walk

Make-believe pizza, spinach salad, dried pineapple

Scorched rice hard candy

Junk food at a party: hot dog, two pasta salads, and potato salad.

And a brownie

And a belly-ache.

Day 135

26 10 2008

Exercise: none

Kashi waffle with almond butter and honey

Turkey panini with pickles

I still haven’t figured out the best way to shoot sushi when shared with a friend. I know that I ate less than half of what is pictured: Eel, Salmon, Mackerel and Spotted Sardine Nigiri; Nanban, Arizona and some other roll.

Day 134

24 10 2008

Exercise: 1 hour cardio and strength

Make-believe pizza and spinach salad


Pasta with turkey, spinach and mushroom marinara sauce