Day 566

31 12 2009

Cream of wheat and pecans

Fish tacos and black beans

New year’s eve party goodies: mini Cuban sandwich, carrot, crackers, onion dip and a crostini.

One of these lovely chicken salad nest things.

Black-eyed peas, rice and greens.


Day 565

30 12 2009


Chicken, spinach and applesauce

Maryland Crab Soup

Whole grain tabouli

Day 564

29 12 2009

Yogurt and almonds

Chicken and veggies with non-descript asian sauce

Day 563

28 12 2009

Chocolates for breakfast…

Carrots and hummus

Pecans and raisins

Firecracker shrimp. Damn the dining companion for even ordering them.

Ahi tuna tacos and cole slaw

Day 562

27 12 2009

Crab cakes benedict and hash browns. I only ate half, forgot to photograph the other half and then left the take-out container too close to the edge of the counter. Ernie does not have a blog to post his meals, or it would be on it.

Chicken and sesame spinach

Shared this movie popcorn with Heather and Ben

Day 561

26 12 2009

Yogurt with almonds

Chicken with marinara, Italian greens and roasted veggies

Conch fritters

Shrimp, fries and cole slaw

Day 560

25 12 2009

Kashi waffle

Christmas Chinese food:

Hot and sour soup

Moo shoo veggies

Ginger scallion shrimp

Fortune cookie didn’t have a fortune. What could that mean?

Apple sauce