Day 939

10 01 2011

I still felt pretty sick to my stomach, so I didn’t exercise or eat anything, but drank plenty of water


Family Photo

4 07 2009


Just thought I’d share this photo taken on July 4, 2009.


17 04 2009

It’s official, I have now lost more than 60 pounds in a little less than a year.

New photo will be posted soon.

EDIT: After, I reached the 60-pound mark, I have had a rough couple of weeks. You’ll see I have not been eating well, and have lost even more.

Day 130

22 10 2008

Exercise: 1 hour, 10 minutes of cardio and strength

This was a junk-food-filled day

1/4 of an italian sub. Planned to eat the other 1/4 tomorrow. Ernie had other plans.

Grading midterms works up an appetite, and I didn’t have anything to eat in my office, so I opted for the seemingly healthiest option in the vending machine.

And pizza in the sukkah with Hillel

Day 129

22 10 2008

Exercise: 40 minute dog walk

Egg salad sandwich

Forgot to photograph the last of the chicken and veggie pasta with spicy asian sauce. It looked a lot like this:

Day 128

22 10 2008

Exercise: 1.5 hours of cardio and strength

Egg salad and spinach sandwich

Chicken and veggie pasta with spicy asian sauce

Day 126

16 10 2008

Exercise: 1 hour of cardio and strength with trainer

Hot turkey and spinach sandwich with bbq sauce. I need to stop leaving my camera in the office and using the photobooth as a poor substitute.

Hunk o’ bagel between classes

Chicken and veggie pasta with spicy asian sauce. Yes. It is the same photo three days in a row. I forgot to photograph before eating. I am having the hardest time remembering to do that when sitting at my desk. For some reason, there isn’t the same sense of ritual as at home.