Family Photo

4 07 2009


Just thought I’d share this photo taken on July 4, 2009.


Day 940

10 01 2011

Feeling a little better, but still no exercise.

Israeli couscous, orzo, quinoa and garbanzo beans.

Day 939

10 01 2011

I still felt pretty sick to my stomach, so I didn’t exercise or eat anything, but drank plenty of water

Day 938

7 01 2011

No exercise – not feeling well.

Half a bagel with tuna

Day 937

6 01 2011

Shortened dog walk due to nausea – 40 minutes only

I ate a scone for breakfast but didn’t keep it down. Forgot to photograph it, but I guess it doesn’t matter

Afternoon banana

Day 936

5 01 2011

1 hour strength and cardio with trainer

Vegan protein smoothie before training

Half a bagel with tuna after training (this is actually a shot from Friday when I ate the other half of the bagel)

First day of winter quarter banana

Granola bar

Baked lentil chips


Day 935

4 01 2011

1 hour 10 minute dog walk

I’m still getting used to shooting my food again, and this was a forgetful day.

Empty bowl of hot kashi cereal

Tomorrow’s Jambalaya looked a lot like today’s.

Day 934

3 01 2011

1 hour, 15 minutes yoga, 1 hour 10 minute dog walk

Brighter Day Tofurkey and avocado sandwich